PLease Pray

Below are prayer requests that have been submitted by our church family and friends.

Be sure to click the praying hands so that they know that you are praying for them. 


Please keep Sue in your prayers. She has a blocked oil gland in the lower lid of her right eye. A consultation with her doctor is scheduled for June 5th then the surgery should be sometime within the next two weeks after that.


Vonnie's granddaughter Carla is asking for prayers for her mother-in-law, Judy. It has just been discovered that Judy has cancer. Please pray for her as she gets the care she needs and pray for the whole family.


Please pray as she is waiting on surgery to be scheduled.  Six vertebrae are compacted on each other in her neck.  The surgeon will pull the vertebrae apart and put hinges in.It has been 6 months, she has nerve damage, no feeling in her hands. Please pray for surgery to be sooner than later and that it would be successful.


Sue is asking for prayers for her husband, Jim, who had a heart attack yesterday and now has a temporary defibrillator.


Please pray for Ellie, granddaughter of Sylvia, our new Choir member. Ellie has heart problems, she is only 15 years old. Please pray that she can continue to go to school to finish out this year.

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